I am Dagmara

I am one of those people who, at some point of their lives, decide to travel for a while.

I felt my life was not properly balanced – too much work, too little life. And though I was pretty good doing things I was responsible for and though I liked them, (un)fortunately I had tried before that life has much more to offer. I quit my job and initially was to travel for half a year.

As many things in life change, this one changed as well – I traveled for more than 2 years mainly in Asia. My maps on Travellerspoint.com show I made 177,663 km by air. I haven’t counted how many km I made by land or water. Half of my time in Asia was in Myanmar as… I fell in love with the country. And the love is still in me though part of my heart is there!

I went to Myanmar for the first time in April 2012. I had my visa and a ticket purchased that would let me stay in the golden land for two weeks. I didn’t want more. I heard about Myanmar a bit before and I knew it was a terribly poor country – and my travel was to be hedonistic. I thought I would be put too far from my comfort zone when I experience the poverty.

After 10 days though I changed my ticket and overstayed my visa a bit. Maybe it was because of people I was lucky to meet there, maybe because of the heart-shaped stone I found in Bagan. Nevermind! My heart was lost and I knew that.

Then I traveled in other countries of South East Asia and got tired of traveling (yes, it happens!) Be honest – how much chocolate can you eat at once? I decided to settle down in Myanmar. I arrived in the country in early October 2012 and after three weeks of staying in a guest house, I rent an apartment for a year paying the money upfront. Quite a commitment, right? 🙂 Within a month I found a job relevant to my experience. I worked for three months and then traveled around the country for more than half a year.

As I did all the “recommended” places during my first visit, I could go more off the beaten track and this was where the magic happened and my passion for Myanmar started for good. I started being into Myanmar…

Now, I am back in Poland, my country, but the passion for Myanmar is in me. I decided to share it with anybody who wants to feel it…


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