Buddhists vs Christians

It has been my second time to Chin state and I find it a little bit strange to feel the difference between Christian and Buddhist people in Myanmar.

Dogs definitely look better in Christian area but I saw twice ( in villages where the number of homeless dogs is smaller as well) people kicking them. In Buddhist states dogs look really miserable. So is their life. But, on the other hand, I feel super safe in Buddhist states where I sometimes leave door to my room open when I go to have a shower. Padlocks and chains everywhere in Chin state make me feel strange. Nothing has ever disappeared from my room in either places but this is just the feeling of trust which changes a lot. I was taken by a guy from a guesthouse to a Baptist church and after a mass, a woman approached me and was trying to explain something. I told her in Myanmar that I don’t understand but she kept on speaking Chin. I just left but she followed me, I turned out and repeated I didn’t get the point, so she pulled my bag and wanted to open it. I guess she wanted to be offered some money. It might be just simplification referring to religion but this is just what I came up with.


What was weird for me as well in the church was a huge board, placed just at the altar, with a yearly target. The year was divided into months so people know how much money has already been collected. It was for the first time I saw it and to me it was striking and shocking at the same time.

Another new experience was what happened on the journey by bus and minibus. I went to Hakha with a motorbike driver so it was just in the Chin state, after leaving Hakha by bus that it stopped in the middle of nowhere and people started praying. It was an organized, loud prayer led by one of the men. Local languages are more popular all over this state so the prayer was neither in Burmese, nor Chin. A similar scene took place when we left Falam for Kale.

Majority of states (Buddhist) in Myanmar are pretty the same. Chin (Christian) and Rakhine (a huge Muslim group) are definitely unique as far as Burmese atmosphere goes. Try and check on your own 🙂



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