... Burmese good luck charm...

The Burmese are a bit superstitious. Many of them believe in unique things, e.g. a pregnant woman should stay away from bananas. If she doesn’t, her baby will be born overweight. They often go to fortunetelles before making serious decisions as well.

There are of course different solutions to secure prosperity and good luck. One group is good luck charms.

The most popular Burmese good charm is a pair of owls made of stiff paper. It is believed that when placed at workplaces, in restaurants, living rooms and shops, the owls will bring good luck. Pretty similar to Chinese maneki-neko which is responsible for prosperity.

In 2013, when the SEA games were hold, the mascot of the event was a couple of owls. The male owl was called Shwe Yoe and the female owl – Ma Moe.



The pair of owls I brought for me represents clearly tow sexes – a female owl has a small baby in her stomach area.



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