Home-made in Myanmar...

Yes, I am sentimental. I appreciate uniqueness. I am a big fan of simple and home-made solutions.

I was hunting for quite a time for one of books inspired by Myanmar. I searched through the internet then with poor results. The item was on my ‘to buy’ list for a few months. I was not desperatly looking for the book but had it saved on a piece of paper and traveled with the paper in my wallet. There were moments when I completely forgot about the treasure I was looking for until, by accident, I found it on the pavement in Myanmar…

There was this books seller that had both first- and second-hand books on his stall. I spent a few minutes going through the titles and I saw it! ‘Lords of the sunset’ by Maurice Collis. I got encouraged to read it by one of my favourite writer – Tiziano Terzani – whom taste I trust… So there it was! Desired for a long time and a very unique copy… It was all xeroxed and fixed together in a nice way.

As the Myanmar were separated from the world for a few tens of years what resulted in a limited access to modern technology, they developed their own, home-made ways of sastifying their needs and inventing limited sources solutions.
No need to mention that still (February 2015) we can talk about copyrights in Myanmar….







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