Kitchen assistants in Yangon

I arrived in Yangon in 2012 with the intention to have a stop from my travel in South-East Asia. After travelling for 8 months, I was fed up with seeing all the amazing things and felt I could enjoy them more if I come back to “normal life” for w while. This “normal” was far different then the definition of normality I had developed during my journey 🙂 I wanted to have a place to stay, only mine. Not hostel rooms I used to stay just for a day or two. I discovered that what I missed was stabilisation.

There were a few options of where to stay but finally I decided to make a stop in Myanmar, Yangon. After two weeks in a guesthouse I decided it is a perfect place and moment in time to give it a try. Fast, I decided I needed to rent a flat thought then in Myanmar you would normally rent it for a year and pay upfront. This was not an obstacle. Few things are if I believe my choice is right.

Anyway, it was meant to be about gekos 🙂

I adore them as they are simply part of Asia for me. I was not disgusted, afraid or shared no negative feelings at all. Our co-existence was symbiotic. They enjoyed tastes and flavours of my food and could feel welcome in my area. What I got from them was just their being.

I miss my Burmese flatmates…




This is leftovers of my gin and tonic. Unfortunatelly this geko forgot to stop enjoying it in time…



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