Rubber time? Myanmar time!

… now, when I am back to a kind of corpo life, living without the most beautiful thing people invented – deadlines 😉 – would be poor and demoralizing but then…

It was not my first time in South East Asia where many people, especially in villages are more run by a day cycle than by watches. For me, a person who was very well organised and self-managed by timings and timesheets, waiting for a nobody-knows-when-it-arrives bus was in the very beginning quite a challenge. I was so impatient and a “wanted to know when” person. Now it is still funny when I recollect how I tried to implement my management skills and how much it didn’t work in Asia 🙂 It was not difficult to reorganize back in Poland and again, I am back to planning, predicting and setting my beloved deadlines 😉  but still, like in Asia, I don’t wear a watch on a daily basis not to be so much in time…

The Burmese attitude towards time is perfectly illustrated by the picture below. What makes it even more powerful is the place the photo was taken – it was at a watchmaker’s. Truly a Swiss precision! 🙂

I cannot wait my deadline for coming back to Asia, even just for a short holiday 🙂




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