... same same... but different... :)

All those who spent in South East Asia at least a few days and were buying something possibly went through negotiations. A vendor wants of course a nice sum but we try to find weak points of the desired goods to lower the price as much as possible.

South East Asia is a kingdom of fake stuff. Very cheap, usually manufactured in third world countries violating human rights, attracts many tourists. Trademark is still very often ignored and mutations of selective and non-selective brands are pretty popular – you can find e.g. Mosshino, KFG, Star Fucks, Hike or other option of this brand – Knie and many many others. Here, definitely the sky is the limit for creativity 🙂

If  you raise the point that the brand is nor really THE brand you want, you would often hear: “Same same” 🙂 I am not sure if it was vendors or the tourists that started adding “but different” but vendors use it laughing pretty often.

So, in April 2012, in Bagan, I saw a very popular in South East Asia store – 7 eleven. It was same same but… there was no 7 eleven in Myanmar then officially 🙂 Even if it was, the chain stores would look far different 🙂

I found launching 7 eleven news releases notes on the internet. They are all dated for early 2012. My last time in Myanmar was April 2014 and I still saw no 7 eleven stores there 🙂



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