Simple fun in Myanmar

This even didn’t look like my childhood toy. And my childhood happened more than a quarter-century ago…

…I was in Bagan just after Thyngyain. Bagan, getting ready to raining season, was dusty, a bit humid and exteremly hot. I used to wake up early in the morning (around 4 am) to be ready to bike to one of the pagodas and see the sun rise.  These were amazing mornings. I got back to a guesthouse around 9 am, had a breakfast and did a bit of reading or writing. Just to survive as it was around – and between 11 and 3 pm over – 40 Celsius degrees. Too hot to bike. To hot to be under open sun. Around 5 pm I got on a bike again to experience sunset. And, even thought I spent 6 days in Bagan, each morning and evening, was so fascinating that I didn’t mind sleeping less as I felt and knew it was worth it.

At my dinner place there was a 3 year old boy. Yeah, he couldn’t have been older. He was clumsy, dirty, poorly dressed. His face was a shiny one. There were sparcles in his eyes. You could feel a pure joy coming from him. The joy of simpilicity and unawarness of complexity. The people around him probably couldn’t afford to buy a toy but they were creative and did care. They might know that a toy from your heart can be more valuable. Or they just felt it. Or they just made it as kids love toys… Who cares.

Each time I see this picture though, makes me think that we tend to collect things, experiences that become with no value fast. And the power is appreciating, valuing, caring…



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