Tailor made trips

It is highly possible that if you are here, you have already gone through some of my pictures and/ or a few stories I am sharing here. You probably find Myanmar a place fascinating enough to give it a chance.

I will be happy to share all my experience gained during my travels to help you get best of Myanmar. I checked on my own which places are still highly possible to be enjoyed during rainy season or where it is possible to hide against the heat during hot season. You will be ble to make your visit in Myanmar what you are looking for. I will prepare you to get as much as possible out of Myanmar if you agree to collaborate The rule is simple – the more I know you, the better plan I can suggest.

This is how I work:

I am not a travel agent thus I don’t have an offer. I chose to travel on my own as I like uniqueness. This is why I want to help with personalized trips.

Just take a look at my pictures and FEEL the places. Tell me what you want to experience. I will do my best to make it happen! If the passion for Myanmar is something what you are looking for, drop me a message giving me an idea of:
– how I can assist you
– who you are
– what you like doing, what you expect, what you accept and what you don’t like
– when you would like to go and for how long
– what budget you would have for your travel to Myanmar

If we are on the same page, if I understand why you chose Myanmar and what you expect from your trip, you will get a recommendation that answers your needs in a perfect way. Then, we will agree on how we will cooperate while working on the plan of your trip.

Treat all possibilities as menu, choose what you like and enjoy to the fullest! My role is to assist you in making your visit to Myanmar, a dream trip 🙂

Please leave your inquiry.

Feel like I can help you experience Myanmar
in the way you dream about?
Just drop me a line!


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