The story of Naga people

There are many unique and beautiful places in Myanmar. Those widely visited – Bagan, Inle Lake, Manadalay area – have a lot of footage in the media. Motivation and the goal of travels seem to be crutial when chosing from the interesting spots menu.

There is an amazing option for those more savvy travelers who more look for experience and untouched places. In the northwestern part of the country there live a few tribes forming a bigger conglomeration called the Naga people. Previously headhunters, they preserved the heads of enemies as trophies. Today, the Naga people number around 2 million in total and traditionally they live in villages where almost every home rears pigs, as they provide meat with little care needed.


The basic unit of the Naga society is the family which is the most important institution of social education and social control. Deep respect for parents and elders in the Naga society is one of the key values.

The slowly eroding modernization has brought about dramatic changes in the values, lifestyle, and social setup of the people. This might be last call to experience a heart-touching simplicity of the Naga people.

The story of Naga people


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