... what makes perfect sense?

Myanmar is a country where many people still live by implementing natural rules of live. This might be a sign of no progress in development. And for sure, being closed from the outside world, naturally it is.  With the sanctions eased in 2012 and letting global companies into the country, a lot has changed. When I now read and see what is going in Myanmar I am not so excited about coming back there.

The beginning of my life in Myanmar where there were just two “red and white” global brands present in the country (they were smuggled from Thailand in cars), was a different experience than early 2014 when I visited Myanmar just for a month. Some parts of Yangon were far more similar to Bangkok than to Myanmar from 2012.

Life is all about choices. Choices we have and choices we make. It is in human nature to be either attracted or distracted by new things. And the Myanmar behave as children who are teased with colourful toys. I do understand that. I am from the country that was once communist and when the democracy started we had so many options. Each day we have more new things to buy, ideas to follow.

A similar situation is with information, knowledge. It happens pretty often that we overthink and overvalue what is happening. We are bombareded with such a wealth of the surrounding that many probably lose what is most important in life and what makes a prefect sense.

…think less, live more…




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